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The Ultimate Friday Checklist: How to Set Up Your Week for Success

September 05, 20232 min read

The Ultimate Friday Checklist: How to Set Up Your Week for Success

Look, life's busy, especially when you're your own boss. Every Friday, I've got a special ritual that helps me get a grip on the upcoming week. It's not your everyday to-do list, it's a playbook for winning at life and business.

Ready to level up? Let me walk you through my Friday game plan! 📝

1️⃣ Time to Declutter: What Can You Toss Off Your Calendar?

First things first, look at what's on your calendar. Are there things that just don't need to be there? Kick them out! This makes room for the really important stuff.

2️⃣ The Magic of Automation: What Can You Set and Forget?

Ever heard of robots doing work for you? Yep, it's possible. Find tasks that you can automate. Like, why spend half an hour on sending out a newsletter when a computer can do it for you?

3️⃣ Share the Load: What Should You Pass Off to Someone Else?

If something eats up your time and isn't that fun or profitable, why not let someone else handle it? I got my virtual assistant to do customer service, and it's a game-changer!

4️⃣ The Urgency Trap: Is It Really THAT Important?

We often mix up "urgent" with "important." If something isn't really a big deal right now, reschedule it. That way, you make room for what truly matters.

5️⃣ Speedy Meetings: Can We Cut to the Chase?

Got a meeting planned? Make it shorter! If you get right to the point, you'll find you can get everything done in half the time.

6️⃣ Screen-Free Time: How Can You Step Away from the Computer?

Staring at a screen all day isn't great. So find time to unplug and do things that spark your imagination.

7️⃣ Fun Matters: How Can You Mix Work and Play?

Don't forget to have a blast! Plan things you enjoy, like hanging out with family or going to comedy shows. Trust me, it's good for your brain.

8️⃣ Final Check: Did You Miss Anything?

Last but not least, go through your new plan. Make sure you've got everything in place for a successful week.

Wrapping Up

So, this is my Friday checklist. It's not just about getting organized; it's my guide to being a rockstar solopreneur. Why not give it a spin and see how it works for you? 🎉

Remember, this is your life and your business. Make every week count!

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Jp Goldman

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