Creator of The 3P process™

A groundbreaking process designed exclusively for experts, coaches and solopreneurs.

to effortlessly attract high-quality clients, rapidly scale your business and achieve success

without the headaches of stress or complexity.

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to achieve the success, freedom, and fulfillment you desire?

Look no further. I've been in your shoes, and I understand the frustration, stress, and overwhelm that come with building a business.

But I've also cracked the code to turning those struggles into profitability, scalability, and enjoyment.

I spent years chasing after the latest courses, techniques, and expert advice, only to find that they were often contradictory and didn't serve my needs or the needs of my clients.

That's why I developed "The Personal Profit Propelling Process" a proven framework that helps you make more money, scale faster, and stop being the bottleneck in your business.

Don't waste any more time and energy on complicated techniques and contradictory advice. Take control of your business and your life with "The Personal Profit Propelling Process."

You can achieve the same kind of success

As my clients.

I turbocharged a top insurance broker's profits, skyrocketing them to a staggering $320,000 in just one year! How? By fine-tuning their online game and freeing up precious time. But wait, there's more!

An international construction brand? I ramped up their sales to a jaw-dropping $120,000—in a mere 90 days! No extra staff, no added customer costs, and zero new tech.

My talents are best expressed for...

Established businesses

If you haven't got an established business going with at least a 6 figure revenue, you are most likely not a good fit.

I won't be able to help you.  Because chances are you'll get too overwhelmed.

I advise entrepreneurs and companies with an established business that have enough operations experience to implement the advice I give and are able to deliver quality work to the new clients I provide. 

So, if you aren't one of them, I love you, and hopefully, we can work together soon! But for now, this isn't going to benefit you.

Principle-centered business builders

When you start going down the “Internet Marketing” alley you’ll see all kinds of ads and articles from agencies about free traffic, how to get rich in 90 days and all kinds of stuff.

As a result, entrepreneurs feeling dazed and confused. On top, it gives agencies an excuse to charge you big.

Does some of it work? Probably. in the short term.  But if you rely on that, you don’t have a business. You have an income stream that’s supported by an unsustainable gimmick. And that is a waste of time. You need to  built your business on solid long term principles, who deliver results.

Nothing I teach is fluff or theory.

Serious entrepreneurs

By now you know I'm not a typical consultant. The reason why, is that I want you to be successful. And I only can do that with entrepreneurs who are serious.


Because when I hear someone say, “What’s the easiest way”, What I’m really hearing is, “I’m not fully invested in the long term success of my own business …and am therefore not fully invested in the long term success of my customers.”

Common Questions.

What are your credentials?

As a lifelong student, for over 25 years my passion has been creating businesses and a great deal thanks to going digital.

Some failed, some I sold, including my showpiece: "the EAMC" (European Arbitration and Mediation Council), an international cooperation between the European Union and Hong Kong. 

But I never gave up the search for my holy grail: "The ideal business that brought me money, time and fun." Long story short : I found it. I showed the process to some of my customers and because everyone asked me, I'm now teaching it to others through "The Personal Profit Propelling Process ™ " or, in short, "The 3p Process"

I have helped both domestic and international entrepreneurs with strategizing, growing and scaling their business.

I have a Master's degree in finance, an Executive MBA and I am an alumnus of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. I'm one of the few profit-driven marketing and implementation experts out there, certified as a Frank Kern Sandor consultant and lots of other stuff. 

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

All the knowledge in the world doesn't mean a thing if you don't know how to apply it. Therefore, I will give you the opportunity to get with me, on a Free Focus Finder Call, so you can consider working with me.. Don't worry, no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

Does your knowledge help with selling something that has nothing to do with business or marketing?

It's a fair question. It's kind of saying" Hey, prove you're not full of sh*t by doing this stuff in real life. So, I decided to accept the challenge.

In my home country, Belgium, I've set up a real brick and mortar social business where I help elderly and disabled people with adapting their homes.

The program is called Stay Active  ( I want to help people to stay as active as possible, despite their age or disability.  And that starts in their own home. I did it without using my name, my list, my connections. 

Recently we were acknowledged by the King of Belgium as one of the 10 best social businesses in Belgium.

On top of that, I donate 1% of all the revenue from JP Goldman Media to this project. This is my way of proving I not only do the talking but also do the walking.

But more important for you, I did this to prove that the "playing field" is level for all of us, and prove that the fundamentals work... and that you don't have to be fancy...obnoxious...or anything.

Your mantra seems to be "More Profit, More Power and More Partnerships" what do you mean by that?

I'm just a guy who never gave up on my quest to find the best quality of life for me and my family

At first glance, it seems to be all about more profit, and sometimes it is. Without it you'd be in trouble.

But I always remind people not to forget "personal power and partnerships". This makes or breaks your quality of life. If you only look at the money, it could be you'll end up feeling miserable.

It's important to start with strategizing. This will ultimately result in having fun in your business. The growth of your company will bring the money in and scaling the business will make sure you'll have time to enjoy yourself by taking you out of the equation. 

Strategizing, Growing  and Scaling your business is the way to go. Let me help you and get on a Free Focus Finder Call with me to see where I can be of any help. Be open-minded, no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

How do I know your stuff is any good?

You don't. 

But the best way for you to decide if you want to go further with me is to join me for a Free Focus Finder Call, on 

I'm going to give you some great takeaways you can use immediately to improve your results. There's no catch and I promise...I'm going to help you before you even consider working with me.cIf you like my training, you'll like working with me. If not, no hard feelings.

Where can you help me with ?

I'm all about delivering brand strategies and online sales processes that develop trust and drive people to action while guarding your quality of live. 

I specialize in getting your best-fit customer to take the next steps with your business so you can inspire the hearts and minds of your ideal audience while increasing your company’s reach and impact.

I help to increase revenue through leveraging existing assets in your company and to expand profitability by increasing the performance of your business sales processes.

I stabilize, optimize and expand your entire business cycle from lead generation to lead conversion. Utilizing the proven "3P process™"  based on my deep knowledge of marketing and advanced strategies.

I specialize in developing customized growth solutions that help high-impact brands stand out from the noise. The results go beyond “likes,” “shares,” and “going viral” … they create profits!  

My task is to get you out of overwhelm and give you clarity and implement actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your marketing right now. 

As a result, not only will your business grow, but also your quality of life.

Let me help you and get on a Free Focus Finder Call  with me, to see if we're a match. Be open-minded, no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

Where do I start?

The best thing to do, is just get on a Free Focus Finder Call with me. Be open-minded, there's no catch and I promise I will help you before you even consider working with me.

If you like my training, you'll like working with me. 

If not, no hard feelings.

So book now on and I'm looking forward to seeing you there.

Kind regards, JP

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