When I first met JP, I immediately noticed good synergies.

"Not only did we succeed in reducing cost by 40%,  we transitioned several key areas to online

and end up with over $320,000 in bottom line profits within 12 months while saving more time."

Bart Casteleyn, Business Manager of My VanBreda Insurance

Author and Creator of

"The Personal Profit Propelling Process™ "

​Be open-minded,  no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

My talents are best expressed for...

Established businesses.

Principle-centered companies.

Serious Entrepreneurs.

Be open-minded,  no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

Common Questions

What are your credentials?

As a lifelong student, for over 25 years my passion has been creating businesses and a great deal thanks to going digital. Some failed, some I sold, including my showpiece: "the EAMC" (European Arbitration and Mediation Council), an international cooperation between the European Union and Hong Kong.


But I never gave up the search for my holy grail: "The ideal business that brought me money, time and fun." Long story short : I found it. I showed the process to some of my customers and because everyone asked me, I'm now teaching it to others through

"The Personal Profit Propelling Process  " or, in short, "The 3p Process"


I have helped both domestic and international entrepreneurs with strategizing, growing and scaling their business. I have a Master's degree in finance, an Executive MBA and I am an alumnus of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. I'm one of the few profit-driven marketing and implementation experts out there, certified as a Sandor consultant and lots of other stuff.


But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. All the knowledge in the world doesn't mean a thing if you don't know how to apply it. Therefore, I will give you the opportunity to get with me, on a 35 Free Focus Finder Call, so you can consider working with me.. Don't worry, no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

Does your knowledge help with selling something that has nothing to do with business or marketing?

How do I know your stuff is any good?

You don't.  But the best way for you to decide if you want to go further with me is to join me for a 35 Free Focus Finder Call, on Goldmancall.com 

I'm going to give you some great takeaways you can use immediately to improve your results. 

There's no catch and I promise...

I'm going to help you before you even consider working with me.

If you like my training, you'll like working with me. If not, no hard feelings.

Where can you help me with ?

Where do I start?

“Almost every day, I experience the tremendous added value of JP."

As our right-hand man, he helps us to see the forest through the trees in the marketing world."

Filip Goselin, General Director Ideal Standard

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