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Discover The 3P process™ that Propels Your Entrepreneurial Journey To The Next Level. Designed exclusively for Coaches, experts and solopreneurs.

Our sole focus is on one thing:

Helping You create a fulfilling life

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How We Get Results



New 3P process

Uses AI

To Propel Your Business To The Next Level.

Want to Grow? ...We can definitely help you through The "Personal Profit Propelling Process", a proven goal and data driven approach.

See why this is different and better than anything else you might have tried before.


One-On-One Consultations

Get personal attention to help you find clarity and execute laser-focused actions through one-on-one or group consultations.

Nothing we teach is fluff or theory.


Private Community

"The Brain"

The Brain is a real
community where ideas and sparks jump between members.

We inform about cutting-edge growth strategies
and inspire people.
We provide every tool needed
to propel your business to next level

It's all about you, and how We can help you get what you want...


Get expert guidance from our expert team, ongoing training & support, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Make the leap to next-level growth with cutting-edge digital A.I. strategies. I'm your trusted advisor, brand strategist, and online growth expert.

Progress beyond expectations through The 3Pprocess Profit, Power, and Partnerships by:
  1. Leveraging your existing assets

  2. Optimizing your business cycle

  3. Capitalizing on new opportunities

A passion for marketing.

The experience for winning.

Well. That's me. The guy in the picture.

Anyway, I've been creating winning internet strategies since the beginning of the internet, first for myself and later for others.

Pretty good ones, too.

But there's no point in going on at length about that.

If you want to know if I'm a good fit for you, just book a free " focus finder" call. I promise I will help you even before you consider working with me.

If you find the conversation helpful, we're probably a good match.

If not, that's okay too. ;-)

Want To Build and scale a profitable- and fulfilling Business

...Without overwhelm, stress or complexity?

You need to use this new "one stop shop" AI software.

It takes care off all your online marketing, sales and delivery needs.

Designed exclusively for coaches, experts and solopreneurs.

What Clients Are Saying


Bart Casteleyns

VanBreda Insurance

“When I first met JP, I immediately noticed good synergies. "Not only did we succeed in reducing cost by 40%, we transitioned several key areas to online and end up with over $320,000 in bottom line profits within 12 months while saving more time."

Filip Gosselin

Ideal Standard

“Almost every day, I experience the tremendous added value of JP.

"As our right-hand man, he helps us to see the forest through the trees in the marketing world."

Dave Ceule

Gen. Manager Independent Living

JP and Independent Living share the same dream. Namely, helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In doing so, we always have the entrepreneur's quality of life in mind. JP understands this and his course The 3P Process is entirely dedicated to this. We are fans.

Charly Vanlatum

CEO of Creadomotics

We have known JP for several years and strongly believe in his added value. After all, he and his team are specialists when it comes to digital marketing. We immediately saw the added value of JP for the customer. The working method through his membership ensures that you have the right professional, for the right job!