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Cutting-edge growth strategies for mission-driven entrepreneurs through

The Personal Profit Propelling Process


Be open-minded,  no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

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I help entrepreneurs build profitable and fulfilling businesses.

without overwhelm, stress or complexity through

"The Personal Profit Propelling Process™"


 Resulting in progress beyond professional success to 

Sustainable Wealth - Strong Physical & Mental Resilience - Inspiring Personal Relationships.

Digital Profit-Driven Strategy

Getting your business to the next level starts with one big thing. The Personal Profit Propelling Process, a proven profit-driven approach



Get personalized attention to help you find clarity and implement laser-focused actions in your business with one-on-one or group consultations.

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24/7 help, from like-minded​ business owners and myself through "The 3P-Network" and access to  free- and paid profit-driven education.

Are you trying to scale your business 

but can't seem to figure out

the right plan to follow?


  • You have a fantastic business, but you know you're capable of making an even bigger impact on your quality of life.

  • Every day you're addressing the particulars of your business and missing that real, big picture strategy to achieve your dreams and goals?
  • You’re missing strategic leadership to centralize marketing and sales efforts but are not yet at the level to hire a full-time CMO or Marketing Director.
  • You’re ready to multiply your customer base through new traffic channels,online expansion and are seeking guidance from an experienced expert.
  • You have a talented team, but they aren't using their gifts to their full potential so that your company can run without you, making it difficult to scale.

Make the leap to next-level growth through

The Personal Profit Propelling Process

At some point, you’ve outgrown the prescribed formulas. Instead, I put together a custom plan, based on proven online growth systems that makes sense for your specific business and goals.


 Resulting in progress beyond professional success to:

  • Sustainable Wealth, by stabilizing, optimizing and expanding your company.
  • Physical and Mental Resilience through leveraging mindset, energy and nutrition principles.
  • Inspiring Personal Relationships with yourself, your community and your team.

​Be open-minded,  no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.


For over 25 years, my passion has been building and scaling businesses.


  1. I know and understand, first-hand, the hard decisions you are faced with as a business owner, where to focus for rapid business results. Because the truth is: almost everything that created business growth in the early stages needs to shift when you’re ready to scale
  • That’s where I come in. Part trusted advisor, part brand strategist and online growth expert, part fractional CMO, I work alongside you and your team to implement change so you can continue to build your company.


  • My talent is identifying unique opportunities so your company can propel forward with a new way of thinking in your business.  Together, we’ll navigate the path, avoid common pitfalls and discover the fastest route scaling your brand and systemize it.

​Be open-minded,  no sales pitch here. Just genuinely looking if we are a match.

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“As a global company we have had a partnership with Jp for years. His advice has already guided us through many challenges. He also brought us in contact with several strategic partners."

Caroline Van Marcke, CEO Van Marcke Group

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